Giving the right data at the right time.

Take smarter business decisions

The power of data is infinite,
unless you don’t know how to use it.

Data mining
Gather all your company data in a all-in-one cloud-based plateform.
Matching algorithm
Automaticaly aggregate your company data into segmented SQL database.
Deep analytics
Vizualyze and analyze your data to get to know better your company
Rational decision making
Take smarter strategic business decisions to drive your company to the best futur

Welcome to the digital world

Running a company is not a question of intuition. The price to pay when it comes to fail is too big to worth the rick. Ketrium product helps you to manage a company like you truly should be. With over 300 satisfied company integrated, Ketrium helps small, middle and big companies to be competitive on their market by giving top managers the best tools to gather, analyze and visualize data.

Over 300 satisfied companies integrated

Small business
Middle business
Big companies & firms
* Satisfaction 2017, Ketrium©

Innovative solutions
to boost your company

According to a recent study* over 82.7% of privates organisations don’t have reliable tools to gather, centralize and analyze data workflows. Be part of the 17.3% most competitive companies in the world and never let market-opportunities without any strategy.

Innovation at the service of Business Intelligence

Thanks to Ketrium cloud-based plateforme and integrated matching algorithm, the right data is finaly given to the right person and the right time to best assure hyper-rationnal business decision to cure your company of unhealthy process & slow market reactivity.

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Don't do it alone.

A full tech team
at your service.

To best assure your satisfaction in the use of our plateform, Ketrium provide a full tech team to followup your account, train your team or install new product updates. Once the setup period is completed, our support team will be at your disposal to answer any needs that come up with.

Reliable solutions
Finding the best & secured solution to your activity operational risk.
Expert support
Our tech team take along your managers to train them on our product.

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Product market fit

What is Ketrium ?

Matching algorithm
Deep tech calculation process
Cloud-based database
Transparent and secured hosting system
Open-source software
Adaptable system settings
Custom operator processing

process builder

Ensuring strict compliance with the Company’s safety policies and procedure by taking immediate corrective action in the event a potential issue or unsafe behavior.

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Our manifesto

Lead your company to the futur

We believe that data can be much more than a tool of simple process analytics.

With Ketrium, turn your data into competitives unfairs advantages.