IDAS - Intelligent Data Aggregation System

What are IDAS ?

IDAS is an acronym for Intelligent Data Aggregation System. IDAS are a data organization methodology used mainly for aggregating importante amount of dataset.

IDAS methodology consist in aggregate multiple-object data logs in a A2C relation instead in of the A2B2A used in the treatment of most of dataset arround the world.

How IDAS works ?

The most important element that distinct IDAS from any other data aggregation system in the multiple object relationships.

Most of the dataset are treated today in a one-object methodology. Therefore when the dataset contains multiple objects, this will force the robot the interogate the file for each objects (also called A2B2A procedure), the results are reliables but the ressources needed to lauch this procedure are high and time demanding.


IDAS methodology program are able to aggregate multiple objects datasets using only one unique interrogation log. Instead of starting from the objects informations, the IDAS technology are using AI driven program that are able to identified each objects included in the dataset and then to do a reverse reconciliation (also called A2C). The ressources used a way lower and the program are able to treat massive dataset in very short period of time.

Actual challenge for IDAS technology

As the IDAS technological application are recent, the methodology is facing multiple challenge to be complete adopted by every organization.

The number of data source have been multiply by 16 in the last few years, this result in a challenge to aggregate cross-plateforms data that don’t the same format and sometimes not even the same programming language. However multiple engineers have built AI aggregator to face this challenge.

The othe challenge is related to security, as most of the dataset built in the world contain sensitive and regulated informations, the IDAS methodology doesn’t comply with 100% of the actual data security regulations. However the last update of those regulations date from 2006, the IDAS legal compliance may only result from a lack of updated report and review of the regulations texts.

IDAS today

As IDAS are a back-end technology the market and the technology don’t have any official repports. Today only few companies are working on IDAS program and tools, and only a few more are in active go-to-market strategy. However the investment in IDAS has increased by 120% in the last few years and the market potential is huge.

Ketrium is a one of the most advanced startup on the IDAS technology. We developed a reliable IDAS program that can be implement in any data structure. Today Ketrium solution is running in more that 1000 compagnies and public organization.

Franck Walter

Head of Marketing


Ketrium is a french startup company founded in 2017 that deliver a Intelligent Data Aggregation System (IDAS) to help any data-driven organizations to take better decisions.

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