Why join Ketrium ?

A well known Engineer once said « Data is like teenage sex: everybody is talking about it, but no one has really ever done it ». Nowadays, too many top managers or entrepreneurs take business decisions based on intuition, emotion or other unrational factors. At Ketrium, we believe that the right data given at the right time can be a reliable advantage for taking business decisions. Join us the development of the IDAS technology! Our products allows any small, middle or big companies to take the best strategic decisions to improve their competitivity or to increase their growth. 

Passionate people

All members of Ketrium family are tech passionate, we love to talk about geek stuff.

Data experts

Everybody in the Team get advanced technical training on a weekly basis. We’re all on the same page !

We're a family

We all respect each other for who we are. We’re all going to the same direction.

Product designer (CDI – Full time)

Salary : 50k€/y + upfront equity
Location : Paris, France

Data Scientist, Algorithms (CDI – Full time)

Salary : 80k€/y + upfront equity
Location : Paris, France

Marketing Manager (CDI – Full time)

Salary : 50k€/y + upfront equity
Location : Paris, France

Corporate Account Manager (CDI – Full time)

Salary : 50k€/y + upfront equity
Location : Barcelona, Spain

Fullstack Software Engineer (CDI – Full time)

Salary : 70k€/y + upfront equity
Location : Paris, France

Commercial Partnerships Sales Lead (CDI – Full time)

Salary : 50+ 30k€/y + upfront equity
Location : New-York, USA

Join our HQ team !

Paris, France

Join our HQ office in the center of Paris. Ketrium’s Parisian office all host strategic department on a global level. If you are a developer, a marketer or a finance manager, you will love stopping at a café on the way to work.

Join our Customer Care team !

Barcelona, Spain

To best assure our customer satisfaction in the use of our IDAS, Ketrium provide a full tech team to followup your account, train your team or install new product updates. Join our customer success team in Barcelona !

Join our expansion team !

New-York City, USA

Ketrium is now a world wild company! We are currently expanding in the US market to re-enforce our leadership our assure our position on every market of every continent.


Ketrium is a french startup company founded in 2017 that deliver a Intelligent Data Aggregation System (IDAS) to help any data-driven organizations to take better decisions.

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