Ketrium is proud to announce
a first funding round of 1.5 millions euros.

and its just the beginning...
What is Ketrium ?

Founded in the summer 2017 by Matthieu Bluison (ex-Total) and Alex Androuze (ex-Google). Ketrium is young innovative startup that deliver a cloud-based data-mining software to help small, middle and corporate companies to take better business decisions.

After signing more than 300 active customers without any sales team, Ketrium is ready to go the next level by hiring a sales team and enlarge their product feature to adress all kind of companies.

This seed funding of 1.5 millions euros will be dedicated to open 25 high-tech positions within the next six month to assure the fastest growth of Ketrium and take the lead of the french market.

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The founders

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Matthieu Bluison
CTO & Co-founder

Matthieu Bluison is a well known engineer for his work and research. He worked as a Lead Engineer for Orange Cyberdefense (ex-Atheos) and Lead Data Scientist for Total. This serial entrepreneur has always been interested in the data industry. He founded and sold his previous startup : Omelia in 2017.

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Alex Androuze
CEO & Co-founder

After spending more than a year at Google research program, this young entrepreneur of 24 years old focus his study on data gathering topics such as “The viability of data” (2015) or “Data and market business decisions” (2016).

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