The first Intelligent Data Aggregation System (IDAS)


Ketrium IDAS interface can be connected to any API our any intelligence system in order to gather the largest data-set of your orgnanization into one same plateform.


Ketrium protect your most sensitive data thanks to auto-generated encryption process. Keep the data of your organization away of any trouble our leak.


Ketrium Intelligence Data Aggregation System process, clean your dataset almost in real time thank to intelligent computer enginering that runs at any change.


Ketrium is easy to setup, your technical team will be 100% autonomous on the installation and administration of Ketrium’s IDAS. A team of dedicated experts will be at your disposal if needed.


Trusted by +2000 organizations

Ketrium’s data-plateform has been successfully installed in over +2000 public and private organizations. Our team of experts are totally dedicated to the care and protection of our customer’s data.


35 highly sensitive clients

Among our customers we count over 35 public organizations that deal with highly sensitive data. Ketrium’s IDAS has been programed to help state-related organization in their data processing.

1.5 Billions

1.5 B of queries run everyday

To guarentee the quality and reliability of our customer’s data-set, Ketrium data system runs over 1.5 billions queries everyday thanks to smart process engineering workflows.

The most advanced IDAS solution on the Market

Ketrium is today the most advanced Intelligent Data Aggregation System on the market. We developed a reliable product that is able to process important datasets with limited calculation ressources.

In compliance with the recent regulations

as the Security regulations about Data aggregation are outdated, Ketriums solution is in compliance with the recent Security reports about Data storage and Data aggregation.


Ketrium is a french startup company founded in 2017 that deliver a Intelligent Data Aggregation System (IDAS) to help any data-driven organizations to take better decisions.

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