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SOC2 & HIPAA Privacy compliance

Ketrium's software has been designed to be privacy compliant to SOC2, HIPAA and GDPR standards in order to protect the data of large organisations and firms and keep their data private and anonymised. The software uses a variety of security measures to ensure that data is protected from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, or destruction.

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Technology applications

Military operations

Ketrium's technology helped the french military by providing them with accurate data about their operational deployment. This data allowed the military to plan and execute their operations more effectively, and ultimately helped them to achieve their objectives.

Logistic & global trade

Ketrium's data technology helps global maritime trade companies to better transport goods all around the globe by providing them with up-to-date data on maritime conditions, routes, and shipping schedules. This information helps maritime companies to more efficiently plan their shipments and avoid delays.

Energy transition

Ketrium's data technology helps government and public agencies in their ecological territorial management by providing them with up-to-date data on the state of the environment. This information can be used to monitor environmental trends, assess the impact of human activities on the environment.

Security & surveillance

Ketrium's data technology helps security companies to better surveille populations and keep them safe by providing them with access to real-time data and analytics. This information can help security companies to identify potential threats and better understand the movements of people and objects.

Medicine & fundamental research

Ketrium's technology helps companies in the pharmaceutical industry in their research and development of new products and vaccines by providing them with data software that helps them collect, organize, and analyze data more efficiently.

Factory monitoring

Ketrium's data technology helps high-tech factories to better control their production by providing real-time data about the status of machines, parts, and products. This data can be used to identify production bottlenecks and shutdowns, and to improve the overall efficiency of the factory.


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